Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

In 2009 I reached my highest weight ever and that weight was 268 pounds. My son was born by c-section in July 2009 and I got eclampsia after I was sent home from the hospital so I was readmitted 2 days later. After I was better from all that. My blood pressure never returned to normal. My weight stayed up and it seemed like the only thing that made me feel better was to eat and I ate a lot. I tried to lose weight but I would just gain it all back. Even though I thought I felt better from the food I really didn't I always felt bad. I was always tired and angry. When I ate a lot of junk I was happy for a few hours than I would just get real tired and need more to eat. My belly was always upset and was always having some type of gastro problems.

My truly real journey began in Jan. 2012 when I quit eating meat. I only eat seafood once in a while, but I never eat any meat. I also eat dairy once in a while too. The main thing I try to eat is a lot of veggies. In March of 2012 I started eating as healthy as I could. I keep a food journal of everything I eat and I mean everything. I use the weight watchers points system, but I do not attend any of their meetings. I take different vitamins and herbs, and I exercise everyday; exercise is the most important thing you can do to achieve better health. I feel so much better than I have ever felt before. I still some times over eat, but I just don't give up. I will never eat the way I ate before. When I over eat now it is not any where near the way I used to over eat. My blood pressure is mostly back in the normal range except when I have to go to the doctors and I think that is just white coat hypertension. My resting heart rate is finally in the normal range before it was always over 125 bpm. I am down to 223 pounds. My goal is to be at 140 pounds by my 40th birthday which is in April 2013. The vitamins and herbs I take help with my depression, anxiety, blood pressure, and many other things. I feel so much better and I hope that I can help you feel better too. We all need support and inspiration. I will add to this blog as I lose more weight, but in the mean time here are some before and after pictures of me.

This is me at my highest weight 268

This is me now 223 in July 2012

Please come back for more updates in the future. When I get to 199 pounds I will add more pics.

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