Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Newman's Own Organics Cookies

Newman's Own Organics Cookies Review

If you like a good cookie then I am sure you will love Newman's Own Organics Cookies. They have many different types of cookies to choose from and they are all delicious and great tasting.

If you love ginger cookies then you will want to try Newman's Own Organics family recipe for a great ginger soft cookie. These ginger cookies are totally awesome and every bite is amazing to the taste buds in your mouth. The ginger cookies are made with organic raisins and organic malasses.

Newman's Own Organics Chocolate creme filled chocolate cookies are great tasting and taste better than oreos. So if you are a chocolate lover then you should try these Newman-O's cookies. Your taste buds will be very happy. These cookies are made with organic flour and organic sugar.

Fig Newmans by Newman's Own Organics are a low fat fig cookie with a great tasting texture. They are truly amazing and I think they taste better than nabisco's fig newtons. Fig Newmans are a fruit filled cookie and they are made with organic figs.

These are my favorite of the Newman's Own Organics Cookies. You have to try these hint-o-mint Newman-O's creme filled mint chocolate cookies. These mint cookies will make your mouth very happy. Mmm they are so minty and very enjoyable. They are made with organic flour and organic sugar. If you enjoy a nice minty cookie you should go to the store and purchase a pack and try these cookies out.

If you like peanut butter then I am sure you will want to try these cookies out. Newman's Own Organics peanut butter cream filled chocolate cookies are yummy for any peanut butter lover out there. They are made with organic flour and sugar.

I think Newman's Own Organics have the most amazing products I have ever tried and I am really impressed with everything that I have tried from their products. If you would like to know more about their amazing products then go visit them here and you can find out where you can purchase their products from http://www.newmansownorganics.com/

Newman's Own Organics did not pay me for this review and I received these products from them free in exchange for a review and if these products were not good I would have said so; my opinions about these products are my own.


  1. I love the Fig Newmans so much more than other fig cookies!

    The peanut butter Newman-Os are sooo good, too!

    I haven't tried the other ones, thanks for mentioning them because i really want the hermits!

  2. The peanut butter chocolate ones are yummy