Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arnicare Pain relief Review and GiveAway

Arnicare Gel Pain Relief review and GIVEAWAY.

I used this Arnicare Gel on my left shoulder muscle pain and it did help the pain, it made the muscle pain less intense. I used it for three days and it does work. I was really impressed with the result. I lift weights to help with my weight loss goals and every few days my left shoulder muscles start to ache and this Arnicare Gel really worked wonders in making the pain and stiffness better.

Arnicare Gel temporarily relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling from injuries. It can also help lessen the discoloration of bruises. It is a non-sticky and non-greasy gel. It is quickly absorbed into the skin. It is also unscented and paraben-free. It is recommended by doctors and plastic surgeons to relieve bruising, swelling, and pain in patients. Professional athletes and moms use this product worldwide.

All you do is apply a thin layer of Arnicare Gel to the area that is causing pain and massage it in gently as soon as possible after a minor injury occurs. Repeat 3 times a day or as needed.

The active ingredients in the product is Arnicare montana 1X HPUS. The letter in HPUS stands for Homeopathic Pharmacopaeia of the United States. The inactive ingredients are alcohol, carbomer, dimethicone copolyol, purified water, and sodium hydroxide.

It is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not use on open wounds. If the pain peersists for more than 3 days you should contact your doctor. Keep this and all other medications out of the reach of children. If swallowed seek medical help or contact the poison control center immediatley.

If you would like more information about this product or if you would like to purchase a tube of the pain relief please check out Arnicare's official website here http://www.arnicare.com/

Arnicare Gel did not pay me for this review and I received this product from them in exchange for a review and if this product was not good I would have said so; my opinions about these products are my own.

If you are interested trying this product out for yourself you can enter my Arnicare pain relief gel giveaway. One lucky person in the United States only will win this same product pictured above. All you have to do is enter my giveaway. The lucky winner will be notified by e-mail within 24 hours from the end of giveaway. The product will be shipped to you from the makers of Arnicare Gel. Iam in no way responsible for the shipment of your prize. Your prize will come to you directly from the sponser of the product.


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Converse Purple and Blue Shoes

Converse Allstar Purple and Blue Shoes

These awesome shoes are on sale at the Finish Line shoe store this week. I bought my daughter a pair for school. She wanted the hot pinks ones, but they didn't not have them in her size. So she decided on these.

I think these shoes are cool looking. As you can see you can fold the one flap down and show off the blue color more. When you fold the purple down there is a silver color on the other side as you can see in the picture. They come with blue silky strings and regular white lace strings; you can put which ever laces in you want.

They were on sale for 39.99. They have all sorts of other colors in the converse shoes. If you need school shoes for your child; I think these are a reasonable price. Go check them out and see if you or your child likes them. My daughter likes them a lot.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giveaways from other Blogs

http://www.greenvics.com/search/label/Giveaways Go here to check out some awesome giveaways and be sure to read the reviews.

Skippy jon Jones Book review

Skippy jon Jones by Judy Schachner

I purchased this book from Kohls. They have a program called Kohl's Cares and the books cost $5.00 each and 100% of the money is donated to support kids' health and education in communities nationwide. They also sell stuffed animals to go with the different books they sell. This time they also had a backpack with Skippyjon Jones on it. It is so adorable.

Skippy jon Jones is everybody's favorite kitty boy. My children really love this book and the other three that go with this set. The book is a New York Times Bestselling Series. The book has very nice illustrations in it and it is very colorful. My children love when I read this book to them. It is one of their favorites. All the different animals in the book have cute little names.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the book... "Mama Junebug Jones lifted up Skippyjon and covered his head with furry purry kisses." and "Oh, I'm Skippyjonjones with a mind of my own, And I'll bounce on my bed for hours. I know I'm a cat, But forget about that..."

If you love reading to your kids and spending time with them like I do then you should go get a copy of this book and not only are you helping your kids learn how to read by reading this to them you are also helping lots of other kids all over the nation.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aromatherapy and the Mind

Aromatherapy and the Mind by Julia Lawless Book Review

I love reading and this book by Julia Lawless was a very informative book about aromatherapy and the mind. The book teaches you the benefits of essential oils. It teaches you how to use them to ease the mind and make you feel better. It teaches you how to enhance your mood, ease stress, sharpen concentration, soothe away cares, and restore the spirits all by using essential oils. You can take a bath in the oils or smell them. I put lavender on a tissue and keep it in my purse so it keeps my purse smelling good and I love opening my purse to smell the lavender.

The book explores the different fragrances throughout the history of man kind; this includes perfumes, incense, aromatic plants, and oils. The book also has a guide to selected essential oils. The guide tells you a little about each oil and what its benefits are and how to use them. I really love this book and any book that teaches you how to have a better healthier life with all natural things that come right from our on earth.

If you are into aromatherapy or you just want to be in a better mood then I think this is the book you should read. It really teaches you a lot and it is worth it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nature's Path Organic Review

Nature's Path Organic Review

I received products from Nature's Path Organic the other day to do a review on to let my viewers know if it is really as good as they say it is.

And sure enough all five products I received were all very yummy. I received:

1 box of Apple Pie Crunch Bars
1 box of Mmmaple Pecan granola bars
1 box of Peanutbutter Granola
1 box of Crunchy Maple Sunrise
1 box of Gorilla Munch cereal

The first product we all tried was the Nature's Path Organic Apple pie crunch Chia Plus fruit and nut crunchy granola bars. It tasted just like apples and it was very crunchy. You could just taste the apples and cinnamon in it and it was very delicious. It has 10 granola bars inside the package, but it only has 5 packs. I will definitely buy these in the future.

Even my kids loved the Apple Pie Crunch. It has 20g of whole grains and a good source of ala omega-3. The bars have peacans in them. They are USDA certified organic.

The next Nature's Path Product we tried was the Mmmaple Pecan sweet and salty flax plus chewy granola bars.

These were my absolute favorite. They were so soft and chewy. The way the maple and pecan go together in this chewy granola bar is awesome. I am in love with them. They have 10g of whole grains and an excellent source of ala omega-3. They have just the right touch of sweetness and saltiness and they are very satisfying. I am sure anyone with a sweet and or salty tooth would love these. My daughter says,"mmmm maple".

The third and fourth product we tried were Nature's Path Organic Peanutbutter Granola and Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal.


The Nature's Path Organic Peanutbutter granola has 7g of protein per 55g serving. It has low sodium, whole grains, 0g tans fat, and best of all it is vegan. The Nature's Path Organic Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal is gluten free and has whole grains and 0g of trans fat. It is made from corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth cereal.

My daughter mixed these two together and they go perfect together. I had a bowl and she had a bowl. It is crunchy, yummy, and very tasty. I am very impressed with these products. The cereal reminds me of the way cereal used to taste way back in the day when I was younger. The peanutbutter granola would make the perfect snack. The texture of the crunchy maple sunrise is fantastic the way it crunches in your mouth.

The fifth and final product we tried was the Nature's Path EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch Cereal.

My youngest daughter really loved this cereal. She said it was so good she wanted more. It is very crunchy and can be used as a snack too. The cereal is gluten free, has low sodium, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial additives so this makes this cereal a must for anyone trying to feed their kids healthy cereals.

Most of Nature's Path Organic's products are NON GMO verified which means there is no gentically modified organisms in their products. All of their products are USDA certified organic.

The boxes are made with less package to help reduce waste and that is a good thing for our environment.

I give all 5 of these products a thumbs up and they are worth trying. They were all very good and the best thing is that they are good for you to eat.

If you would like more information on these products or where to purchase them from please visit www.naturespath.com

Nature's Path Organic did not pay me for this review and I received these products from them in exchange for a review and if these products were not good I would have said so; my opinions about these products are my own.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lady Bug Card Craft

Card my Mom made me

This is an awesome card my wonderful Mom made me. Isn't it so adorable. I love you Mom and Thanks. You did a great job on the card and it sure did make my day!!

Woolite for Dark colors

Woolite Extra Dark Care Review

I got a couple samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care to wash dark colors of clothing at a store that a shop at. The sample is big enough to do one wash load.

My daughter used one of the samples of Woolite to wash her dark colored clothing. Her dark clothes turned out looking and smelling good. She was very impressed with the sample. She likes to wear dark clothing. I myself prefer to wear anything other then black. Give it a try and see how it makes your clothes look and smell. I am sure that you will have to use it more than once to notice a difference in whether it keeps colors from fading or not, but I am going to purchase a regular size bottle of it and use it for a few weeks and I will let you know if it keeps dark colors from fading.

On the back of the sample package it states: Suitable for all your machine washables, keeps dark colors looking sharp, vivid, and it won't cause shrinking or stretching.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Suave Captivating Curls

Suave Captivating Curls Review

I purchased this bottle of spray gel made by suave at walmart and I have been using it for about a month. I love the way it makes my already naturally curly hair look more defined.

I know that I need a trim done on my hair, but I am going to put a picture of my curly hair anyway. I am going to get a trim this weekend. I didn't realize how much my hair has grown in the last 8 weeks.

See how the suave makes my hair even more curly. The curls are captivating. All my life I have wished for my hair to be straight and I have never liked my naturally curly hair, but with this suave product I am starting to like my naturally curly hair more. If you have curly hair and you want your curls to be more captivating then you should give Suave's captivating Curls Gel Spray a try. I really like how it makes my hair look and feel.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Review

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Review

I purchased some vitamin E lotion from walmart and I have been using it on my belly and arms. Vitamin E is suppose to help tighten up loose skin while you are losing weight and after weight loss. Skin takes atleast 6 month to go back to normal after the weight loss and if it doesn't return to normal most people have to have surgery to remove the excess skin. I have just been using this vitamin E lotion for about 2 weeks now and I do see a difference, it is not a really big difference but there is a difference. I do not have before and after pictures because I did not take a picture of my arms or belly before I started using this product. But if you are looking for ways to help tighten up loose skin while dieting you should give Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E a try, it wouldn't hurt and anything is worth the effort. I will continue to use it on my arms and belly and let you know how it is going.

I also use it on my face atleast once a week and it makes it feel a lot softer. So the next time you are at walmart or any other store don't forget to look for Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E skin care cream and give it a try. After you have been using it a few weeks come back to my post and comment and let me know how it is working for you. I like hearing the good and the bad opinions about any product.

Bear Note Pad Craft

Today me and my children made a note pad out of a paper cut out bear that I purchased from the dollor store.

First we got all of our supplies ready. You need some printer paper, bear cutouts, scissors, glue, googlie eyeballs, stapler, markers, and of course your hands.

First you trace the bear cut out onto the printer paper. I used an ink pin to trace it, but you can use a pencil or anything you want to use.

Next you cut the traced lines of the bear out a little smaller than the actual trace. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you child is old enough and able to trace and cut it out themselves then let them.

Next you staple the cut out paper between two of the cut out bears and it makes a cute little not pad your child can decorate.

Have your child glue the eyes on the bear cut out. They can draw a mouth and nose on to the bears head if they want or they can decorate it any way that they want to.

This is Marstin's finished work of art. He drew a cute little nose and mouth on his. I had to cut out the paper for him, but he was able to glue the eyes on it himself. He is such a big little guy.

This is Melody's finished work of art. She just colored on a mouth with her marker and then she colored and drew on every page inside the note pad. She is a very artistic child and she loves to color and draw.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Awesome Tank Tops

Get an Awesome Tank top for yourself or a loved one at The Tank Top Spot. They have many different tank tops to choose from and they are always adding new ones to the site. They also have hats and other things there. So, if you are in the need for a few new tank tops please take the time to view this awesome site. They have men and women's apparel. Their tanks tops are made really nice and the designs on them are really cool.


This one is my favorite so far...

They also have a facebook fan page which is located here https://www.facebook.com/TankTopSpot

Go and check them out and give them a like. Their tank tops are worth it. I love the tank top I purchased, it is the one with the ship on it. I can't wait til they add new tanks. I love the designs they put on their tanks. So, what are you waiting for go check em out!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stay free maxi pads

Free Stayfree Maxi pads

With this coupon from the coupon insert that comes out in the sunday papers you can get free pads at CVS.

I got 9 packs of pads and one pack of tic tacs for .77 cents today at CVS. The pads are on sale for $2.00 each and the coupon from the paper is for $2.00 off. I think the pads have to be 14 to 24 count. It is an awesome deal if you wear stayfree pads. These are the times I love coupons. So go to the dollar store and get your sunday paper and get some free pads with the coupon at CVS.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Woolite Complete Cleans & Cares

Woolite Complete Cleans & Cares Review

I was at one of my favorite stores and they were giving away free samples of Woolite Complete and I have never used Woolite before so I decided I would get a free sample and try it. I washed my towels with it and they looked and smelled a lot cleaner. It states on the package that it gives all your clothes the right balance of cleaning and care and that it does, my towels felt so clean; I was really impressed. It also states that it is suitable for all types of wash machines, it won't cause fading or shape loss, it won't cause shrinking or stretching, and it keeps your clothes vibrant.

I will definitely use Woolite again in the future, it is worth it and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this review. Go ahead give it a try you will not regret it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shoprite Coupon Matchups

If you live in the Maryland area or any area there is a Shoprite in, and you love shopping at Shoprite you might want to checkout this site for coupon matchups. We all love saving money or getting free stuff. If you are one of the many coupon lovers out there than I would recommend checking this site out.


I always check this site out before going grocery shopping. You can find some good deals here. Sometimes you can even get free stuff at shoprite. I believe the site is updated every sunday with new coupon matchups.

Happy shopping and I hope you save a bundle.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Clock Craft and Snack for Kids

Hickery Dickory Dock Craft Clock and Snack, Turtle Magazine

Me and my children made a clock and a snack from a Turtle Magazine that my kids get in the mail.

Turtle Magazine

We got all the materials together and started working on the clocks. My kids love making crafts and they have a really good time learning new things. First you paint a piece of cardboard red or whatever color your kid wants to paint it and when you finish making the clock you glue the clock on to the painted cardboard.

 Marstin holding his clock. You use a paper plate, sticky foam numbers, cardboard to cut out and make clock hands, and a metal clasp paper fastener. You can use anything you want to create this craft.

Melody gluing her clock to the painted cardboard. Then you cut a strip of cardboard out and a round circle to use for the pendulum. You color them any color you want to and then glue them near the edge of the plate on to the painted cardboard so it looks like a swinging pendulum. After you glue the clock to the cardboard then it is time to start making the mouse while the glue is drying.

For the mouse you need to cut a triangle out of the cardboard; you need two googlie eyeballs, one popsicle stick, two round ears cut out of the cardboard and a tail. You color all the pieces you cut out of the cardboard any color you want.

The kids waiting for the mouse to dry so they can play with it on the clock. The clocks we made aren't made exactly how the turtle magazine tells you how to make them. I used items we already had in the house instead of buying the materials that it called for and they turned out just as nice and the kids had a lot of fun making them.

Melody with her finished clock and mouse

Marstin with his finished clock and mouse

Some of the snack ingredients

Now it is time for the fun snack that goes along with the clock theme. First we got all the ingredients ready. You need french bread, peanut butter, jelly, strawberries, sprinkles, raisins, cheese, and mini chocolate chips. I had to put jelly on my son's because he doesn't like peanut butter.

You put the two slices of french bread together and make a hole in the top piece that doesn't have any peanut butter or jelly on it, and put a slice of strawberry in it for the clock and on the strawberry you put sprinkles around it to represent the numbers on a clock. Then you cut a small slither of cheese to make the pendulum and put a raisin on the end of it. Next you cut a strawberry in half and you put a half on each plate and put two raisins in the strawberry for ears and two mini chocolate chips as the eyes and a slither of cheese for the tail.

I think the snack and craft turned out really cute and the kids had a lot of fun playing with their food and eating it. If you wanna try making this craft with your kids you should get a subscription to turtle magazine or the humpty dumpty one; you and your kids both will enjoy them, I know we do. I love making my babies happy and I love teaching them new and fun things.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imperial Dragon 100% Pure Sesame Seed Oil review, Big Daddy's Sriracha Stir-Fry.

I am doing a review on Imperial Dragon's sesame seed oil because I love cooking with it. It makes the veggies taste much better. I got all my ingredients together including the main one which is Imperial Dragon's 100% pure sesame seed oil.


Main Ingredient for review

The sesame seed oil is known as the queen of oils. Imperial Dragon's sesame oil should be known as the King of Oils. It is one of the best sesame seed oils I have ever tasted.

All of the ingredients cut up

I had to cut up all the ingredients to get them ready to cook in the Imperial Dragon's 100% pure Sesame Seed Oil. Sesame seed oil isn't only for cooking you can use it to ease sunburn pain.


All the yummy ingredients cooking in the nice and tasty Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed oil. The smell of the sesame seed oil getting hot and sauteing all the veggies made me very hungry. After you finish sauteing the veggies you have to add the sauce to it, which also contains the Imperial Dragon's 100% pure sesame seed oil.


The sauce gives the veggies a nice spicy sesame taste to them. I love this recipe and I love Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed Oil. If you would like the recipe on how to make this please refer to my Big Daddy's Sriracha Stir-Fry post.

The finished goodness

When it has finished cooking just pour over some brown or white rice and enjoy. I think this is one of the best recipes I have ever made using Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed Oil. This recipe can be substituted for take out chinese food if you want a lower calorie dish. Mmm yummy I ate everything that was on my plate. Give this recipe a try and let me know if you like it too?