Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bear Note Pad Craft

Today me and my children made a note pad out of a paper cut out bear that I purchased from the dollor store.

First we got all of our supplies ready. You need some printer paper, bear cutouts, scissors, glue, googlie eyeballs, stapler, markers, and of course your hands.

First you trace the bear cut out onto the printer paper. I used an ink pin to trace it, but you can use a pencil or anything you want to use.

Next you cut the traced lines of the bear out a little smaller than the actual trace. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you child is old enough and able to trace and cut it out themselves then let them.

Next you staple the cut out paper between two of the cut out bears and it makes a cute little not pad your child can decorate.

Have your child glue the eyes on the bear cut out. They can draw a mouth and nose on to the bears head if they want or they can decorate it any way that they want to.

This is Marstin's finished work of art. He drew a cute little nose and mouth on his. I had to cut out the paper for him, but he was able to glue the eyes on it himself. He is such a big little guy.

This is Melody's finished work of art. She just colored on a mouth with her marker and then she colored and drew on every page inside the note pad. She is a very artistic child and she loves to color and draw.

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