Monday, July 30, 2012

Converse Purple and Blue Shoes

Converse Allstar Purple and Blue Shoes

These awesome shoes are on sale at the Finish Line shoe store this week. I bought my daughter a pair for school. She wanted the hot pinks ones, but they didn't not have them in her size. So she decided on these.

I think these shoes are cool looking. As you can see you can fold the one flap down and show off the blue color more. When you fold the purple down there is a silver color on the other side as you can see in the picture. They come with blue silky strings and regular white lace strings; you can put which ever laces in you want.

They were on sale for 39.99. They have all sorts of other colors in the converse shoes. If you need school shoes for your child; I think these are a reasonable price. Go check them out and see if you or your child likes them. My daughter likes them a lot.

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  1. These are my all time favorite type of shoes since "way back in the day" when I wore the originals. I love them! And would love to have a pair.