Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woolite for Dark colors

Woolite Extra Dark Care Review

I got a couple samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care to wash dark colors of clothing at a store that a shop at. The sample is big enough to do one wash load.

My daughter used one of the samples of Woolite to wash her dark colored clothing. Her dark clothes turned out looking and smelling good. She was very impressed with the sample. She likes to wear dark clothing. I myself prefer to wear anything other then black. Give it a try and see how it makes your clothes look and smell. I am sure that you will have to use it more than once to notice a difference in whether it keeps colors from fading or not, but I am going to purchase a regular size bottle of it and use it for a few weeks and I will let you know if it keeps dark colors from fading.

On the back of the sample package it states: Suitable for all your machine washables, keeps dark colors looking sharp, vivid, and it won't cause shrinking or stretching.

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  1. I mostly only wear dark colored clothing it's about time they made something like this. My stuff always gets faded and I have to toss it out or find other uses.