Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aromatherapy and the Mind

Aromatherapy and the Mind by Julia Lawless Book Review

I love reading and this book by Julia Lawless was a very informative book about aromatherapy and the mind. The book teaches you the benefits of essential oils. It teaches you how to use them to ease the mind and make you feel better. It teaches you how to enhance your mood, ease stress, sharpen concentration, soothe away cares, and restore the spirits all by using essential oils. You can take a bath in the oils or smell them. I put lavender on a tissue and keep it in my purse so it keeps my purse smelling good and I love opening my purse to smell the lavender.

The book explores the different fragrances throughout the history of man kind; this includes perfumes, incense, aromatic plants, and oils. The book also has a guide to selected essential oils. The guide tells you a little about each oil and what its benefits are and how to use them. I really love this book and any book that teaches you how to have a better healthier life with all natural things that come right from our on earth.

If you are into aromatherapy or you just want to be in a better mood then I think this is the book you should read. It really teaches you a lot and it is worth it.

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