Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Clock Craft and Snack for Kids

Hickery Dickory Dock Craft Clock and Snack, Turtle Magazine

Me and my children made a clock and a snack from a Turtle Magazine that my kids get in the mail.

Turtle Magazine

We got all the materials together and started working on the clocks. My kids love making crafts and they have a really good time learning new things. First you paint a piece of cardboard red or whatever color your kid wants to paint it and when you finish making the clock you glue the clock on to the painted cardboard.

 Marstin holding his clock. You use a paper plate, sticky foam numbers, cardboard to cut out and make clock hands, and a metal clasp paper fastener. You can use anything you want to create this craft.

Melody gluing her clock to the painted cardboard. Then you cut a strip of cardboard out and a round circle to use for the pendulum. You color them any color you want to and then glue them near the edge of the plate on to the painted cardboard so it looks like a swinging pendulum. After you glue the clock to the cardboard then it is time to start making the mouse while the glue is drying.

For the mouse you need to cut a triangle out of the cardboard; you need two googlie eyeballs, one popsicle stick, two round ears cut out of the cardboard and a tail. You color all the pieces you cut out of the cardboard any color you want.

The kids waiting for the mouse to dry so they can play with it on the clock. The clocks we made aren't made exactly how the turtle magazine tells you how to make them. I used items we already had in the house instead of buying the materials that it called for and they turned out just as nice and the kids had a lot of fun making them.

Melody with her finished clock and mouse

Marstin with his finished clock and mouse

Some of the snack ingredients

Now it is time for the fun snack that goes along with the clock theme. First we got all the ingredients ready. You need french bread, peanut butter, jelly, strawberries, sprinkles, raisins, cheese, and mini chocolate chips. I had to put jelly on my son's because he doesn't like peanut butter.

You put the two slices of french bread together and make a hole in the top piece that doesn't have any peanut butter or jelly on it, and put a slice of strawberry in it for the clock and on the strawberry you put sprinkles around it to represent the numbers on a clock. Then you cut a small slither of cheese to make the pendulum and put a raisin on the end of it. Next you cut a strawberry in half and you put a half on each plate and put two raisins in the strawberry for ears and two mini chocolate chips as the eyes and a slither of cheese for the tail.

I think the snack and craft turned out really cute and the kids had a lot of fun playing with their food and eating it. If you wanna try making this craft with your kids you should get a subscription to turtle magazine or the humpty dumpty one; you and your kids both will enjoy them, I know we do. I love making my babies happy and I love teaching them new and fun things.

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