Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imperial Dragon 100% Pure Sesame Seed Oil review, Big Daddy's Sriracha Stir-Fry.

I am doing a review on Imperial Dragon's sesame seed oil because I love cooking with it. It makes the veggies taste much better. I got all my ingredients together including the main one which is Imperial Dragon's 100% pure sesame seed oil.


Main Ingredient for review

The sesame seed oil is known as the queen of oils. Imperial Dragon's sesame oil should be known as the King of Oils. It is one of the best sesame seed oils I have ever tasted.

All of the ingredients cut up

I had to cut up all the ingredients to get them ready to cook in the Imperial Dragon's 100% pure Sesame Seed Oil. Sesame seed oil isn't only for cooking you can use it to ease sunburn pain.


All the yummy ingredients cooking in the nice and tasty Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed oil. The smell of the sesame seed oil getting hot and sauteing all the veggies made me very hungry. After you finish sauteing the veggies you have to add the sauce to it, which also contains the Imperial Dragon's 100% pure sesame seed oil.


The sauce gives the veggies a nice spicy sesame taste to them. I love this recipe and I love Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed Oil. If you would like the recipe on how to make this please refer to my Big Daddy's Sriracha Stir-Fry post.

The finished goodness

When it has finished cooking just pour over some brown or white rice and enjoy. I think this is one of the best recipes I have ever made using Imperial Dragon's Sesame Seed Oil. This recipe can be substituted for take out chinese food if you want a lower calorie dish. Mmm yummy I ate everything that was on my plate. Give this recipe a try and let me know if you like it too?


  1. That is beautiful Liz, Wish I was there to eat some.

  2. That sounds and looks super yummy! I want to try it.

  3. I wish you were here to Angel, and thanks. You should give it a try Gia, if you like spicy food, it is very good and worth it.