Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grateful Doe or Jason Doe

He could have been from any where. He lost his life in VA and along with his life he lost his name too. It happened in 1995. Someone out there misses him and loves him very much and their pain only gets worse because they don't even know where he is. 

Please share this post and like the page. So we can all help get this young man his name back. Help us locate his family. He has a family out there that is really missing him. For 19 years he has been just a John Doe or in this case a Jason Doe. Please let's all help find out who this young man is. Please share with all your friends and family. You would want to know and you would want other people to help... So let's help!! Spread the word. It has been far too long so please find it in your heart to help!

Check out this Facebook page for more details. 


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