Tuesday, August 7, 2012



This Honey is bee free which means that it is not made from bees it is made from apples. It is all natural and plant based. If you are allergic to real honey then you should give this Honee a try.

This apple honee is excellent on crackers with peanut butter on them. It is a very tasty alternative to regular honey. If you love apples you are sure to love this BEE FREE HONEE.

This is an excellent healthy snack idea for your children and you. I love the way the honee tasted on the peanut butter; nice and tart. Everyone in my family loves this product.
The apples they use to produce this honee are grown in the U.S. It is safe for young children and also safe for people that suffer from honey allergies. The honee is dairy free, gluten free, and economically stable. It is Vegan friendly food. The best thing about this honee is that it is produced right here in the United States.

If you would like more information on this product please visit www.BeeFreeHonee.com

BEE FREE HONEE did not pay me for this review and I received this product from them in exchange for a review and if this product was not good I would have said so; my opinions about these products are my own.


  1. this is something that looks like it tastes good. I wonder if its good in tea because that is usually where I use honey.

  2. I could LIVE off of Bee Free Honee, it's delicious! I add it to a lot of things to sweeten them naturally.

    My kids would love the cracker, peanut butter and BFH snack. I should try that!

  3. Bee free honey is so good. Try it in sweet taters too with some cinnamon, Sooo goooooooooooood. You just made me want it on crackers now!! I need to buy more.

  4. Nice, got all kind's of ideas floating in me head now. This, I know will be a winner for me too, also because is non-dairy. GrrrrrowL at Angel also; got to have it with the sweet potatoes! Is it available in any stores?