Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gold's Gym Ankle/Wrist Weights

Gold's Gym Ankle/Wrist Weights Review

I purchased these weights a while back and I love them so much I decided to do a review about them.

They are very comfortable and they fit perfectly on my wrist and ankles. I use them when I exercise. Each weight is 1.5 pounds. They help to increase my muscle tone. The weights tighten and tone my entire body.  I wear them on my wrists for walking, running, and when I do my upper body training. I wear them on my ankles for my lower body toning and walking. The weights are made of soft neoprene fabric and it is a washable fabric when washing the surface only. They also have reflective strips with an easy hook and loop closure.

If you like to work out and want to add a few extra pounds to your routine I recommend getting yourself a set of these. You will burn more calories and tighten and tone your whole body. They are worth the 9.97 I paid for them. Go ahead and give them a try.

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  1. Exercise? Uhhgain? I already paid a two year membership to Golds Gym! Oh, I don't have to, just buy the ankle/wrist weights, now that is much cheaper :)

    nice review :)